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Hey Guys. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my music. I am a singer songwriter (among other things) from Athens, Georgia. I have been singing in public since I was 4 years old and playing in bands since middle school, so music is definitely my favorite way to communicate and express myself. I hope to add a new song every 3 or 4 weeks to the playlist so PLEASE visit this site often.


I have previously recorded some of my songs with my former band, Simonton Bridge. The members were Brian Dennard (Drums), Bethany Blanco (Lead Guitar), Dustin Sosebee (Bass & Vocals & Guitar), Kristen Sosebee (Keys & Vocals), Becky Price (Vocals) and myself (Lead Vocals & Guitar & Bass)..


Each of us has been greatly influenced events and people- maybe its family or friends or teachers or health or tradgedy. My songs speak of everyday life events, good and bad, and about dreams and desires and faith. The style ranges from soft acoustic to straight ahead rock, depending on the mood. Please give them a listen and see which songs you like. Hopefully you will find yourself humming one in the coming days!


A Word From Van

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